Supplementary data from Torroni et al. (2001)

On this page, you will find the data on the mtDNA sequences of samples used in the following paper:

Torroni, A., Bandelt, H.-J., Macaulay, V., Richards, M., Cruciani, F., Rengo, C., Martinez-Cabrera, V., Villems, R., Kivisild, T., Metspalu, E., Parik, J., Tolk, H.-V., Tambets, K., Forster, P., Karger, B., Francalacci, P., Rudan, P., Janicijevic, B., Rickards, O., Savontaus, M.-L., Huoponen, K., Laitinen, V., Koivumäki, S., Sykes, B., Hickey, E., Novelletto, A., Moral, P., Sellitto, D., Coppa, A., Al-Zaheri, N., Santachiara-Benerecetti, A. S., Semino, O. and Scozzari, R. (2001). A signal from human mtDNA of postglacial recolonization in Europe. American Journal of Human Genetics, 69, 844-852.

We present the HVS-I sequence and the status at nps 72 and 73 in HVS-II for each individual from haplogroup pre-V in our study, along with the region/population in which it was grouped. We also indicate the bibliographic reference of any sequence for which the HVS-I sequence has been published previously.

We would be very grateful to hear of any inconsistencies in the data set that you observe or of any problems you have with the web site. A list of any errata will appear here.

Vincent Macaulay
5th September 2001