Supplementary data from Richards et al. (2000)

On this page, you will find the data on the mtDNA sequences of samples used in the following paper:

Richards, M., Macaulay, V., Hickey, E., Vega, E., Sykes, B., Guida,V., Rengo, C., Sellitto, D., Cruciani, F., Kivisild, T., Villems, R., Thomas, M., Rychkov, S., Rychkov, O., Rychkov, Y., Gölge, M., Dimitrov, D., Hill, E., Bradley, D., Romano, V., Calì, F., Vona, G., Demaine, A., Papiha, S., Triantaphyllidis, C., Stefanescu, G., Hatina, J., Belledi, M., Di Rienzo, A., Novelletto, A., Oppenheim, A., Nørby, S., Santachiara-Benerecetti, S., Scozzari, R., Torroni, A., Bandelt, H.-J. (2000). Tracing European founder lineages in the Near Eastern mtDNA pool.  American Journal of Human Genetics, 67, 1251-1276.

We present:

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Vincent Macaulay
5th January 2001